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When you combine forty-five years of hands-on-fish-keeping-experience, terrific ingredients and quality manufacturing right here in the USA, you get
Xtreme Aquatic Foods®.

Why Feed Xtreme

We developed a catalog of products to feed all kinds of fish in all kinds of environments. We had to because 45 years ago there was nothing to feed the farm of 500,000 ornamental tropical fish. 10-years-ago we started feeding fish we did not farm; guppies, egg layers, livebearers and other community fish found in fish keeper's tanks; even marine fish which can be finicky eaters. We discovered that great proteins like Shrimp, Krill and Squid found in all our formulas were perfect for all of them. Everthing begins at the farm, real-life testing, trial and error formulations combine with suggestions from our retailers to make Xtreme the best it can be. Last but not least; fish gotta love it...and they do...which says it all.


PeeWee™ Goldfish & NICE™
1.5 mm Pellets

PeeWee – Each Xtreme product is built around our 1.5mm pellet formulation; a combination of ingredients including proteins, plants, carbs, vitamins, attractants and trace elements. PeeWee is available as Community PeeWee, Cichlid PeeWee, Marine PeeWee, Goldfish Pellets and now, NICE™ (Naturally Intense Color Enhancer) 1.5mm slow-sinking and floating pellets.


Big Fella™ 3 mm Pellets

The 3mm version of the Xtreme formula was designed for larger community freshwater fish, cichlids and aggressive marine species. This slow-sinking 3mm pellet is available as Big Fella, Marine Big Fella, and coming soon, NICE 3mm slow-sinking and floating pellets.

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Flake Formulas

In addition to our very popular Crave™, Krill and Spirulina Flakes, we have introduced Beef Heart and So-Fly™ (black soldier fly larvae) Flakes. If fish won't eat anything else, give them one of these four flake formulas.



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